Sleep Studies

Sleep Study Instructions

  • If you anticipate having difficulties sleeping in a lab atmosphere and would like assistance with the use of a sleep aid, please inform our technician.
  • Arrive with freshly washed, but dry hair. Wet hair could affect the signals.
  • Please NO make-up, body lotions or creams. Again, this can affect the study.
  • Men without beards, please shave. This helps with the placement of the wires.
  • Bring comfortable bedclothes (pajamas, nightgowns, etc). This helps keep wires out of your way while you sleep. Cameras monitor you while you sleep, so bring bedclothes that are appropriate for the setting.
  • Bring any toiletries that you may want or need. There are shower facilities available for you to use the morning after your study
  • Although we have very comfortable beds, you are welcome to bring your own pillows and/or blankets.
  • Bring any medications that you usually take at bedtime with you. Sleep aides will be dispensed only if you have consulted our physician prior to your testing.
  • Please inform our office or our Sleep Lab Coordinator at (410) 284-3020 if you have any special needs including: problems with mobility, incontinence, history of nocturnal seizures, if you are on oxygen, if an attendant will be staying the night, if a translator will be staying with you, etc. If you are on oxygen we can provide this for you for the duration of your stay with us while you are being tested.
  • If you are currently using CPAP, please bring your mask with you to the sleep study.
  • If you are currently using a Sleep Dental Device (Oral appliance) please bring this with you with directions for titration from Dr. Abdehou’s office (advancing the device).
  • Please expect to turn off cell phones, and do not bring any alarms, watches, or clocks.
  • If you have a copay or deductible payment is expected at the time of your arrival to the sleep center. If you have any billing questions, please call our office and speak with our billing department at (410)576-8950. Technicians will not be able to discuss nor confirm any billing issues at the sleep study.

What to expect the night of your study

When you arrive for your PSG sleep study, the following will occur:

  • The Technician will collect the patient packet and show you to your suite, and finish the registration process. Our rooms have 36 inch color flat screen and cable television. Our suites have individual climate control and ceiling fan for added comfort.
  • The Technician will connect all the heart, muscle, leg and brain monitors to you. This process may take between 30 to 60 minutes to ensure proper placement of all wires or leads
  • The sleep study will then begin. The rooms are equipped with a camera, microphones and speakers so that you may call to the Technician at any time.
  • You will be woken up between 5:00a.m.and 6:00a.m.
  • If you are going to work directly from our sleep center you will be able to shower at our facilities and complimentary towel service will be provided to you.
  • We do offer complimentary drinks and snacks, as well as, freshly made gourmet coffee in the morning.
  • We also have ample free parking.
  • We have security cameras throughout our facility with your safety in mind.
What to expect once study is completed

  • We will coordinate with you to follow-up with our physician within 2 weeks of your study or as soon as the schedule permits.
  • We may call you to arrange for a titration study if we have pre-determined that you have significant obstructive sleep apnea even prior to your consultation visit with our physician.
  • We will communicate results of your sleep study with your referring provider in a prompt manner.
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