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Please tell us how your experience was at Baltimore Sleep & Wellness Center. We are always looking for ways to improve our patient care to insure each patient has a positive experience with us. You can add your name or it can be anonymous.

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Charmaine S. Wrote:
I am a 59 year old female and to be honest was skeptical about what the results would be using the CPAP. After only a few days, I was surprised to discover the huge change in NOT being tired every day and also, my daily headaches have disappeared. The entire process and staff at Baltimore Sleep & Wellness were great. Especially Ali!! He made both my over-night experiences a breeze!! Thanks. September 2016

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James L. Wrote:
I would like to thank Dr.Kashi for listening to me and helping me improve my health. I would like to thank the staff for going beyond my expectations and for helping with everything from insurance to appointments etc. DR. KASHI and his staff have changed my sleeping habits for the better. I recommend Baltimore sleep and Wellness center if u have a sleep disorder. April 2016         
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Ken B. Wrote:
My whole experience with Baltimore Sleep & Wellness Center has been nothing but exceptional! The staff is is professional, friendly and very helpful. I was one who did not think I needed help with sleep. I doubted the use of the sleep assisted devices. Well, I am now a faithful believer. Ever since I started treatment for my OSA I have been a new person. Thank you so much Dr. Kashi, to you and your staff! January 2016

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Louis G. Wrote:
The Cpap machine worked great. Been sleeping all night for the first time. Thanks Dr.Kashi! Also, your staff are very helpful and very professional, a job well done. Thanks again!   Good Experience? : True  Would you refer friends or family? : True.
Also on 2/22/2016: I have been seeing Dr Kashi since Oct 2015 for treatment of sleep apnea. Since seeing him and getting treatment, I been sleeping all night ,not falling asleep during the day,not getting tired while driving, just getting my life back in order. The staff has been great and very helpful, and very professional. Thank all of you so much for giving me back my life,  you guys are great .THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Rob S. wrote:
I know this isn't necessarily typical, but, after just one night of therapy, I already feel like my world has changed. I was originally diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea about 15 years ago, tried CPAP, and gave up on it because it felt like torture to me. The staff here convinced me to give it another try -- and like I said, after just my first night on the new device, I feel energy I haven't had in decades. I would encourage anyone who has tried CPAP treatment in the past and given up on it to get in touch with the staff at Baltimore Sleep & Wellness Center immediately. I firmly believe they saved my life.
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A message from Doris S. 9/24/2015: "The staff at Baltimore Sleep & Wellness Center are excellent, caring & proficient. You ca be proud of them! Thank you to the staff. I will recommend your clinic to my family, friends, and anyone who needs you assistance!"

Ron D.
My name is Ron and I am writing this note to thank the Baltimore Sleep and Wellness Center. I have been a sleep center patient for nearly 2 years now. Without any encouragement from the sleep center, I am writing this note to help future patients who are not sure of the treatments. I had a terrible time sleeping for many years and snoring was a major source of contention for  my wife. Everyday I would wake up tired and suffered from accumulative lack of sleep which took it's toll on my well being. The testing found out how many times per hour that I would stop breathing. The number was very high and I know something had to change. I have been using the CPAP machine for nearly 2 years without missing a night and I can attest that there is no more snoring. The chin support helps keep my mouth closed and the equipment is very easy to operate. I get 8 hours of sleep per night every night. I wish that I had gone through this program much earlier in life and so does my wife.
In conclusion, I recommend the Baltimore Sleep & Wellness Center because this treatment really works and the people working in the center are as nice as can be.
Thanks for all you help!

Cynthis H.
" Amanda was professional and competent. "

David M.
" I am a fifty-seven year old male who has suffered for the last tow years with periodic severe attacks of vertigo. Hoping to get some normalcy back into my life, I have been seen by many doctors, including a specialist at John Hopkins Hospital. The fear of a debilitating attack that would literally make me collapse to the floor, made me afraid to leave my house. I did have several of these attacks over the period of a year while I was working and required the help of a fellow employee to get my back to my feet. My Neurologist Dr. Fotuhi, was convinced that I had sleep apnea and sent me to see Dr. Kashi at the Baltimore Sleep & Wellness Center. There I was diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea and given a CPAP machine to use nightly. The first morning after I used the machine was startling. I felt extremely well rested and my temperament was was very much improved over the following days. I no longer become so fatigued during the day, and have not had any vertigo attacks. My quality of life has significantly improved. Sleep is the critical foundation of a health life. I am very grateful to have been given a second chance to enjoy my life.

Mary O.
" Your staff was excellent, service minded, personable and very nice. Answering all the questions I had. "

    " I haven't slept through the night in so many years, probably since high school. I just dealt with the problem of waking up during the night, staying awake for up to an hour or more until I fell asleep on my own or after watching the television. I contacted the Baltimore Sleep & Wellness Center for a evaluation. I was brought in for a overnight study. It was determined that I had sleep apnea. I returned for treatment with CPAP. At first I had a nasal mask, a bit uncomfortable so I tried the full face. I thought that I wouldn't be able to sleep with this contraption on my face and head. But, I did, very well the best sleep I had in 20 years. A week later I went to Baltimore Sleep & Wellness to pick up my CPAP equipment. Everything was throughly explained in detail to me. All my questions answered,  CPAP has definitely helped me tremendously. It is my sleeping buddy now. I sleep with it faithfully every night.  It's automatic to me now. I want to thank Baltimore Sleep & Wellness Center for their assistance during this process.
Catrina B

Elliott K.
After having two appointments,one to illicit apnea and the other to evaluate Cpap i wanted to let you know that the tech,Ali was perfect. Allowed me time to understand the testing took time to explain each and every part of the procedure and why and what each part of the brain and body was being tested and what he was evaluating. He was very professional,answered all my questions and concerns. Made the experience an education. He is a dedicated professional and an asset to your practice. A true pleasure. Thank you!

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